How to maintain the electronic jacquard machine in the cleaning and lubrication of the whole machine






How to maintain the electronic jacquard machine in the cleaning and lubrication of the whole machine

  How is the electronic jacquard machine maintained during the cleaning and lubrication of the whole machine?


  After years of operation, our Hangzhou Tianmai factory has accumulated a certain maintenance experience for the problems encountered in the maintenance and use of the equipment.


Electronic jacquard attachment


  So how is the electronic jacquard machine maintained in terms of cleaning and lubricating the whole machine?


  1. Clean the whole machine


  According to the suggestions of our company's experts, the main parts of the machine for cleaning are: cleaning of the harness spring, cleaning of the jacquard mesh, cleaning of the filter screen of the jacquard machine, and cleaning of the interior of the jacquard machine.


  1.1 Cleaning the wire spring of the jacquard machine


  During the weaving process of the loom, a large amount of cotton dust is generated between the harness springs and inside the harness springs. If they are not cleaned in time, the springs will be kinked with each other and the harness springs will be partially elongated, resulting in unclear openings. Affect the efficiency of the loom. Therefore, the harness spring must be thoroughly cleaned during periodic maintenance, so that the gap between the springs is clear, so that the cotton dust can fly out of the spring smoothly with the vibration of the spring during the weaving process. At the same time, the maintenance staff is also responsible for the straightening of the wire spring.


  1.2 Cleaning the target plate of the jacquard machine


  Because of the large warp density and small mesh holes of the jacquard machine, flying flowers can easily enter the mesh holes and block the mesh holes and cause yarn skipping defects, which must be cleaned up in time.


  1.3 Cleaning the filter screen of the jacquard machine


  The electronic jacquard machine is equipped with a small fan, mainly to cool the inside of the electronic jacquard machine, and at the same time to generate a positive pressure inside the electronic jacquard machine to prevent cotton dust from entering the jacquard machine. The filter above the fan is to ensure that the air entering the electronic jacquard machine is clean. If the filter cannot be cleaned in time, one will increase the load of the fan and cause the fan to be damaged prematurely; second, the air entering the electronic jacquard will be unclean, dust will be attached to the internal parts of the jacquard, which will affect the heat dissipation and cause the temperature of the components to be too high. Damage the machine parts; third, the internal positive pressure of the jacquard machine is not enough, causing dust to enter the jacquard machine from the gap between the target plate and the transparent protective cover, and damage the components.


  1.4 Cleaning inside the jacquard machine


  As the cotton dust inevitably enters between the cable, CIEL board and components during the operation of the jacquard machine, if it is not cleaned in time, it will cause poor heat dissipation of the internal parts of the jacquard machine and damage the parts; at the same time, the components will be worn prematurely due to excessive cotton dust, affect the efficiency of the loom and product quality.


  2. Lubrication


  Lubrication is an important part of maintenance. Lubrication can effectively reduce the wear of parts, reduce the consumption of accessories, and extend the service life of the machine. Based on our experience of long-term use, a relatively complete set of lubrication management system has been formed.


  After actual operation of the jacquard machine, the wear of the arm bearing, arm connecting piece bearing, nylon sleeve and steel sleeve is obviously reduced, and the effect is good.


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