Little knowledge about electronic jacquard machine

About Electronic jacquard machine :


Little knowledge about electronic jacquard machine


1. Technical background of electronic jacquard machine


In recent years, the domestic development level is difficult to import equipment in terms of quality reliability and stability, and the domestic jacquard machine industry cannot compete with similar foreign products on a large scale. The defects are: the jacquard quality of the domestic jacquard machine cannot meet the needs of home textile enterprises, the mechanical structure is complex, the volume is large, the noise is large, easy to wear and the maintenance cost is high; the jacquard needles used are too long and heavy, and the solenoid valve consumes a lot of electricity. However, the suction power is limited, resulting in poor operation reliability, and it is difficult to completely avoid the problem of choosing complicated flowers. In order to meet the needs of technological progress in the textile industry, it is imperative to develop a high-speed, high-efficiency and high-reliability jacquard mechanical transmission.

Electronic jacquard machine

Second, the introduction of electronic jacquard machine


The electronic jacquard machine is composed of a coordinate frame, a crank transmission mechanism, a coaxial swing opening mechanism and a lifting opening selection mechanism; the crank transmission mechanism is connected with the coordinate frame, and the coaxial swing opening mechanism is connected with the crank transmission mechanism. The opening selection mechanism is connected with the coaxial swing opening mechanism. This electronic jacquard machine is small in size, compact in overall structure, reliable in high-speed operation, low in noise, power-saving and easy to maintain.


Third, the effect of electronic jacquard machine


1. The coordinate frame structure design ensures the balance and correctness of needle selection of the coaxial swing mechanism and the selection guide rail box;


2. The design of the long-distance crank torque transmission opening mechanism reduces the load of the transmission arm and realizes the high-speed and stable operation of the crank transmission;


3. The concentric shaft swinging opening mechanism is designed. There are two bearing positions on the left and right side frames. The central shaft and the hollow shaft are axially supported on the side frames, similar to the two-way balance shaft swinging force, which is combined into a coaxial swing opening mechanism. Realize the clear opening movement of the lifting and selecting device;


4. The design of the lifting opening and selecting mechanism reduces the friction between the knife lift and the guide rail of the opening lifting mechanism, reduces the mechanical transmission load, and improves the service life of the whole machine.


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