What are the advantages of jacquard fabrics

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What are the advantages of jacquard fabrics


The pattern of jacquard fabric is not ordinary printing or embroidery, but is woven with yarn. During the manufacture of jacquard fabrics, the warp and weft structure changes are utilized, and the warp and weft yarns are intertwined to form different patterns. Jacquard fabrics can be divided into woven jacquard, warp knitted jacquard and weft knitted jacquard. Among them, weft knitted jacquard has excellent elasticity when pulled horizontally and vertically, while warp knitted and woven jacquard is not elastic when pulled horizontally and vertically.


Features of jacquard fabric:


1. Colorful and vivid: Usually, after the jacquard fabric is weaved by a unique jacquard process, the produced bedding will be very colorful, and can weave beautiful patterns such as flowers, birds, fish, insects, birds and beasts, etc. There is no need to worry that the pattern will be monotonous, the pattern is uneven, the three-dimensional sense is super strong, and the grade is higher.


2. Generally speaking, if the quality of cotton yarn is too low, it is impossible to weave a forming pattern, so the raw materials used for jacquard fabrics are all high-quality cotton, and the yarn weaving should be finer, generally around 40s. The jacquard bed knitted in this way is thicker in quality, softer and smoother to the touch, wear-resistant, not easy to deform, not easy to fade when washed, and feels more refreshing and breathable during use.


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3. The single-color jacquard fabric is a jacquard dyed fabric, which is a solid-color fabric that is dyed after weaving the jacquard grey fabric on a jacquard loom. This kind of jacquard fabric has a unique texture of soft, delicate and smooth texture. Its gloss, drape and air permeability are relatively good, and its color fastness is also quite high, and it does not pill or fade. Like jacquard fabrics, its patterns are large and exquisite, with distinct color layers and strong three-dimensional sense, while the patterns of small jacquard fabrics have been relatively simple for a long time.


4. The multi-color jacquard fabric is a yarn-dyed jacquard fabric, which is first dyed with yarn and then woven by a jacquard loom. It is just the opposite of the manufacturing process of single-color jacquard fabrics, so the final yarn-dyed jacquard fabrics have more than two colors, the fabrics are rich in color, and will not appear monotonous like single-color jacquard, and the pattern is three-dimensional. Strong, looks more elegant. The most important thing is that the multi-color jacquard fabric will not pill or fade, and will look like new over time.


Jacquard is mainly a concave and convex pattern composed of interlaced warp and weft threads of textiles. When the fabric is weaved, the warp and weft weave changes are used to form a pattern, the yarn count is fine, and the requirements for raw cotton are extremely high.


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