What are the characteristics of electronic jacquard machines

  What are the characteristics of electronic jacquard machines?


  Many people have been eager for the manufacturing industry, because the industry in our country is developing faster and faster, and in general the demand is relatively large, but if the people are new to this industry, how should they start to understand electronic jacquard machines? What are the characteristics of the electronic jacquard machine? This problem has always plagued everyone. So how do we enter this industry? Now the manufacturer of Tianmai introduces the characteristics of the electronic jacquard machine.


What are the characteristics of electronic jacquard machines


  This is a model of high-speed air jet looms with the design concept of high speed, lower consumption and wide weaving range.This model looms are designed through completely new three-dimension technology, computer analysis & assembly,and utilized virtual technology in designing of the insertion, shedding and beating.  It has many advantages like below:


  1. High speed

  New weft insertion, new frame structure and high-speed CPU, ensure the running speed, Max. 1200rpm.


  2. Low energy consumption

  New weft insertion and main nozzle energy-saving optimal design realize less air consumption.


  3. Low vibration

  Using 3D design and computer analysis to optimize the frame structure, including the cross rail connections, and to realize lightning design and optimum balance of the beating motion. These improvements ensure lower vibration with high-speed operation.


  4. Flexibility and wide applicability

  A full range of standard equipment and a variety of options can weave fabrics that were previously mostly woven by rapier looms, including wide home furnishings fabric, stretch fabric, the fabric of different yarn types and counts, airbags, seersucker and fabric with tuck-in selvages.


  5. Easy operation and new electronics

  Relatively lower machine, upper temple are both good for the operator; a new internet-ready color function panel with enhanced communication capability and a new faster CPU.


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