What is the small knowledge of electronic jacquard machine needs to know

  What is the small knowledge of electronic jacquard machine needs to know?


  The production of jacquard fabrics from pure handmade to mechanical jacquard, developed to today's electronic jacketening machine, experienced a long tweet process. The electronic jacquard opening fuses the modern microelectronics and electromagnetic, photoelectric technology. Under the cooperation of the textile CAD system and the new mechanism, high-speed non-textured version of Jacquard is greatly improved. Labor productivity and product quality. The design of the electronic jacquard control portion is based on the universal microcomputer or the industrial computer as the control body, the data source of the disk file, the network file, etc. to adapt to different weaving environment requirements, and develop the corresponding interface circuit read jacquard information and generate timing. The signal, and the jacquard information is driven to the jacquard faucet, and the jacquard control is applied. Let's take a look at some little knowledge about jacquard machine!


What is the small knowledge of electronic jacquard machine needs to know


  First, the composition of the jacquard control system


  1. Jacquard information disks: store jacquard information;


  2. Host: Can use microcomputer or industrial computer for jacquard information, information, information, fault information reading and human machine management;


  3. Control interface: Treatment and transformation for jacquard information;


  4. Power-off memory interface: long-term storage for technical management information and production statistics;


  5. Interface panel: for transmission and hardware protection for jacquard information;


  6. Jacquard drive card: for the selection and convection;


  7. Integrated power supply: uses decentralized power supply, solid power supply mode, used to jacquard faucet power supply;


  8. Sensor: A variety of faults such as the collection of signals such as broken classics, offwriting, input host, and timely processing.


  Second, the principle of control of jagging machine


  1. Electronic program: Improve information correctly, with keyboard, display, printing and other functions;


  2. Electrical signal and mechanical conversion mechanism: generally adopted electromagnet, which is mechanically controlled by the recipient information emitted by the program control device.


  The above is to share the relevant content of the jacquard machine with you, hoping to pass the above content, you can make everyone a further understanding and understanding of the jacquard machine.


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