What parts of the control system of electronic jacquard accessories

  When people use a piece of equipment, if they want the equipment to achieve a good use effect, then they must have a good understanding of the composition of the equipment. The electronic jacquard machine is a widely used equipment today, electronic jacquard The control system in the attachment plays a very important role, so what parts of the control system are made up?


Matters needing attention in the use of electronic jacquard accessories


  The control system in the electronic jacquard accessory includes eight parts. The jacquard information disk is used to store some jacquard information; the host is generally a microcomputer or an industrial computer, which is mainly used to read some information, such as some jacquard information or equipment Failure information, etc.; the control interface is used to process and exchange jacquard information; the power-off memory interface is mainly for long-term storage of various types of information generated during the operation of some equipment; the interface board is used for information For transmission, it can also protect the hardware of the equipment; the jacquard driver card is mainly used for needle selection and jacquard control according to the needs of production; the integrated power supply is a device that provides power for the equipment; the sensor is mainly for some fault signals during the operation of the equipment Collect and transmit to the host for timely processing.


  Every part of the control system of electronic jacquard accessories plays a very important role and plays an important role in the production and processing.


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