mechanical jacquard Suppliers

mechanical jacquard Suppliers -This series of jacquard has eccentric driving mode+gear box. It can realize steady transmission, which has less noise and longer service life.  By imputting jacquard CAD design software controlls system via USB interface. Easy management and flexible application.

mechanical jacquard Suppliers - Tianmai mechanical jacquard


  Basic technical parameters

  1.Loom speed: width 1.2 meters can reach 650 laps, width 1.6 meters can reach 550 laps.

  2.Raw materials: polyester filament, cotton yarn, etc.

  3.Final products: trademarks, tie fabrics, laces, armbands, calligraphy and painting, artwork, etc.

  4.Specification: 6 groups of 20CM/group, 8 groups (can be assembled according to customer requirements)

  5.Color: 8-12 colors

  6.Control system: random computer type, automatic type, self-checking type, high intelligence type.

  7.Wire harness and spring: imported wire, wire harness plate, steel wire spring, wear-resistant, long life, no elongation.

mechanical jacquard Suppliers

  Main Technical Parameters

  Fabric Suitability:

  mechanical jacquard Suppliers -Suitable for most jacquard-weaving applications such as trademarks, ties, terry cloths, decorative fabrics,curtain cloth, sofa cloth and all kinds of jacquard fabrics.

  Field of application:

  mechanical jacquard Suppliers -It can be matched with kinds of Chinese or domestic rapier loom,air jet, water-jet and towel weaving machines.






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