Electronic Jacquard Machine





HOOKS:      672 hooks to 1536 hooks



SHED HEIGHT : 110mm.


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WMZ-L Electronic Jacquard Machine


China Electronic Jacquard Machine


Electronic jacquard machines were small, present-day technology has permitted rapier with electronic Jacquard machine ability to build fundamentally, and single-end warp control can reach out to in excess of 10,000 warp closes. That evades the requirement for rehashes and balanced plans and allows practically limitless flexibility.


The PC-controlled rapier with electronic jacquard machines altogether decreases the time related to changing punched paper plans, accordingly permitting more modest group sizes.


However, electronic Jacquards machine is high-cost and may not be needed in a production line weaving huge clump sizes, and more modest plans. The bigger rapier with electronic jacquard machines permitting single end warp control is costly and must be legitimized where extraordinary flexibility is required, or concentrated plan prerequisites should be met. For instance, they are an ideal apparatus to build the capacity and stretch the flexibility of the specialty cloth Jacquard weavers who stay dynamic in Europe and the West, while the greater part of the huge bunch of product weaving has moved to minimal effort zones.


Our electronic jacquard loom machine has been created through constant restructuring based on modern looms as per international market levels. This electronic jacquard machine has a microcomputer processing system to manage all processes of weaving. Its advantages cover Low energy consumption, good quality fabrics, convenient maintenance, and weaving various.


Electronic jacquard machine designed as per domestic and international market level. It’s an electronic jacquard machine that can go up to 280RPM with good quality manufacturing. It is a complete electronic jacquard machine that runs regularly with high accuracy, can move over warp, without a mark on fabric, improve the quality of material, suitable for various class of fabric from light, medium, and heavy, and offers improved manufacturing and standard.


Tianmai Electronic Jacquard Machine


Electonic jacquard machines are the potential machinery that is utilized for the weaving of fabrics which is consolidated in extraordinary jacquard machines that control the individual twist yarn. This high-performance machinery-empowered weaver produces a fabric having different kinds of complicated woven examples like embroidery, damask, and brocade. Electronic Jacquard Machine is additionally equipped for the creation of pattern weaved garments. They offer incredible weaving quality, high-creation yield, and low working expense. The casing is made by utilizing premium quality treated steel and mellow steel which offers higher strength and inflexibility to the parts. There are different sorts benefited by us with a progression of hooks in the middle of 400 to 1200.


The control arrangement of the jacquard machine incorporates one electromagnetic needle selector, one regulator, and one point indicator. The regulator incorporates one information read/compose interface circuit, one mobile memory, and one implanted processor; or incorporates one radio data transmission module, one non-unstable memory, and one inserted processor. The prepared weaving design data is put away in the versatile memory or the non-versatile memory, with the goal that the control arrangement of the electronic jacquard machine has an incredible memory limit. The current creation makes it conceivable to exclude one PC for constant information perusing and to bring down the expense of the electronic jacquard machine significantly.


We are pleased to present ourselves as the top electronic jacquard machine manufacturer, trader, distributor, and supplier. Our jacquard machine is made under the supervision of skilled specialists utilizing high-quality components and cutting-edge technology. This jacquard machine is also praised for its great strength and extended lifespan. We provide this electronic jacquard machine to customers at competitive pricing.


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